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TT News Agency

TT News Agency is the national wire service in Sweden with a history dating back to the 1920's. TT News Agency delivers text, images, video, graphics and finished pages to Sweden’s media outlets, companies and public authorities.

The agency's mission has always been to convey fast, impartial and reliable news to the media market. A wide range of services have been added over time: images feature packages, news graphics, news video TV clips, design services and a 24/7 news update-service for digital platforms.

Credible, creative and curious are important values for the company. Our mission is to help our customers become better.

TT News Agency is ranked as one of Europe's most profitable news agencies. The group's turnover is app  € 50 million. The number of employees is, as of 2013, 360 people. TT News Agency is privately owned by the largest Swedish media houses and stands absolutely free from any government, religious or political spheres.

CEO and Editor in chief is Jonas Eriksson.